ProstaGenix Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProstaGenix?
ProstaGenix is a dietary supplement made with naturally sourced ingredients designed to promote healthy prostate function in men. Our formula contains a concentrated level of Beta Sitosterol which has been shown in numerous clinical studies to help reduce frequent urges to urinate, while also promoting a stronger urine stream with more complete bladder emptying.* Our science-based formula also contains a synergestic blend of Polyphenols Quercetin, Gape Seed extract and Pomogranate extract, all of which have been clinically proven to have significant prostate health benefits. And finally our ProstaGenix’s comprehensive formula also contains 100% of your daily value of Vitamin D3, plus nine important minerals to help support overall male health.*
How does ProstaGenix work?
Is Prostagenix Safe?
Can I take ProstaGenix with my Other Medications?
How often do I take ProstaGenix?
How many Capsules are there in a Bottle of ProstaGenix?
When is the best time to take the ProstaGenix capsules?
Why do you send a lab report out with each order of ProstaGenix?
Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
How long before I start seeing results?
I have tried other prostate products and they didn't work for me, how do I know Prostagenix will be any different?
How is my order shipped to me?
How many bottles do you recommend that I buy?
Why is there no Lycopene in your formula?
Will ProstaGenix improve my sex life?
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