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We have THOUSANDS of success stories, because ProstaGenix Really Works. But Don't take our word for it ... our customers (not actors like the other companies use) say it better than we could. Here are just a few.

“My PSA Went From 26 to 11” Hear Robert's Amazing Story

Robert Barasch

70’s, Retired Law Enforecement,

New York

“Was Getting Up 3 Times a Night.... Not Anymore” Hear Bobby's Amazing Story

Bobby Reid

60’s, Retired Corrections Officer,

Suffern, New York

“Worked in Only 2 weeks. Was going every 20 - 30 minutes” Watch Ken's Amazing Story

Ken Smith

Retired Navy and School Teacher,

Stratford, Missouri

"PSA went from 16.2 to 6.4 in less than 3 months. This product really works!" Watch Willie's Life-Changing Story

Willie Knighton

Age 69, Retired Policeman,

Miami, Florida

arrowYES! I Want To Try ProstaGenix & Enjoy Life Again!
Was Getting Up 5 Times a Night. Libido is BACK!!! Watch Keith's Life-Changing Story

Keith Petrie

Age 64, Firefighter,

Pittsburgh, PA

Was getting up 15 to 20 times a night! Within 2 to 3 days the pills worked. Now sleeping through the night. Watch Gary's Life-Changing Story

Gary Matsuk

Age 64, Semi-retired,

Anaheim, California

“I'm back to living a natural life again thanks to ProstaGenix. Taking over a year and I personally guarantee it!” Watch Jack's Incredible Story

Jack Markham

Age 67, Retired Maintenance

Supervisor, Advance, Missouri

“Afraid to go to doctor. Getting up to go. Always having to go. MY LIFE CHANGED!! No more looking for the bathroom all the time!” Watch Ahmad's Life-Changing Story

Ahmad Rashad

Retired Probation Officer,

Mansfield, Ohio

A friend told him about ProstaGenix. He was getting up every hour. Friend told him to watch Larry King TV Show. Watch Jessie's Testimonial Story

Jessie Rodney Miller

76, Retired Highway Patrolman

& Investigator, Haskell, Texas

“Tried 40 different pills. None Worked. Had prostate problems for 17 years! Was getting up 9-10 times a night! I’m a NEW MAN!” Watch Wayne's Incredible Story

Wayne Helms

Age 72,

Reno, Nevada

“I don’t have to jump up at night so many times. It’s been a blessing to me.” Watch Vincent's Life-Changing Story

Vincent Wigington

57, Owner Professional Detail Business,

Ocala, Florida

Was going 5 to 6 times at night – now very rarely gets up at night ever! And has more energy to do more work for God. Watch Daniel's Life-Changing Story

Daniel McGee

Age 71, Retired Pastor,

St. Louis, Missouri

arrowYES! I Want To Try ProstaGenix & Enjoy Life Again!
We Have Thousands Of Testimonials.

New ones come in every day. Real men just like you. So you don't have to take our word for how fantastic ProstaGenix works. You don't need to read the science and the long studies. No need to believe the lab test competition we won (by a wide margin) over 157 products from 16 countries.

And forget about the awards we have won. Forget that Larry King and America’s #1urologist put their reputations on the line to recommend ProstaGenix. Just watch and listen to what real customers, guys probably like you or your buddies, have to say. Look them in the eye and see if they are telling the truth – you decide.

These Men Are Not Actors!

As you can clearly see – these men are not actors. Some stumble – some are awkward – some seems nervous – but that’s because they are REAL. They were not paid one single penny. These men are so happy with what ProstaGenix has done for them, that they want to let other men know it’s the real deal and not the standard BS you see elsewhere. Every day we get thank you calls and emails from delighted customers are sky-high about how ProstaGenix has changed their life! Thousands of men are not lying. They are not putting their name, their face, their Facebook page, their location and their good names on the line... unless ProstaGenix was the REAL DEAL. It is. The quicker you order – the quicker you will start feeling like your old self again too. Imagine how great these guys feel – you can see it in their face - now it's Your Turn! Order now.

Real Men – Real Life Changing Stories

“This is what ProstaGenix has done for me. Everything has changed in my life since I started taking this wonderful product my strength has come back I sleep good every night now. I wake up feeling ready for the world all I’m saying is try it for yourself it will change your life men. I am serious.”

Michael Brandon – Big Spring, Texas

“I would like to say that ProstaGenix is a great product. Before taking this product I would need to use the restroom every hour. Also getting up at least a couple of times at night. After only using three thirds of a bottle I no longer have to go during the night. On a recent four hour road trip to Branson Missouri we didn’t have to stop for a restroom break. It is much more effective that the prescription my doctor had me taking for the same problem. A very satisfied and pleasantly surprised customer.”

Curt Brought – Platte City Mo.

“I want to take this opportunity to comment on my experience with ProstaGenix. I was taking a different product using saw palmetto as it’s active ingredient and desperate for a product that actually worked. That’s when I saw Larry King on tv promoting ProstaGenix with Beta Sitosterol as its primary active ingredient. It has changed my life and I am so grateful that I found ProstaGenix. I recommend ProstaGenix to anyone with the prostate woes as it has worked as advertised for me, take the plunge and try it out.”

Albert G Goree – St. Petersburg, Florida

“Hi, just wanted to tell you how ProstaGenix has been a life saver for me!!!!!!! I'm 68 and have been having problems with my Prostate for 13 years. I have tried virtually every product out there with no success and finally had to go to a Urologist, who put me on (2) prescription meds. The meds worked but with side effects that were terrible!!!!! When I saw the Larry King video, I was very skeptical after trying everything out there over the years, but I thought what do have to loose! This product has turned my life around, and I'm so grateful!!!!!!! Thanks for a new lease on life!!!”

Creighton Belt – Las Vegas, Nevada
Two Main Reasons ProstaGenix Is Superior To All Other Prostate Supplements On The Market:
Rare pine tree in French forest The Landes Forest

The Bay of Biscay is a gulf on the northeast Atlantic Ocean located off the Celtic Sea along the western coast of France. The Landes Forest, know as "Les Landes" in France, borders the bay.

The Bay of Biscay is home to some of the Atlantic Ocean's fiercest weather. The winter months are incredibly severe. It is believed the strength of these unique French Maritime Pine Trees is, in part derived from their ability to survive the extreme elements along the coast during the winter months. It is one of the reasons they produce the unique potent sources of Beta-Sitosterol now famous around the world for its ability to address prostate and urinary tract issues so effectively.

science Superior Ingredients:

What most consumers don't know is that there are dramatic differences between the qualities of samples from the same ingredient. Saw Palmetto is a perfect example. You might see two products that each say "300mg of Saw Palmetto" in them. You think they are the same, yet the variation in quality is as different as the difference between a Rolls Royce and a Yugo. If they were to have a label on them they would both say: "two doors, one engine, four tires, etc". But they are as different as night and day. The same holds true for ingredients.

We utilize the highest grade compounds. Many companies say that - but our use of the best ingredients was confirmed in a nationwide laboratory analysis of over 100 prostate pills. We were not surprised when we topped the list. Not only did we beat all other products tested - we destroyed them! So when you get your bottle of ProstaGenix you can rest assured you are getting the best product on the market. You will feel the difference early and forever. Quality counts and you will feel the quality difference.

No Pills Sign No Unnecessary Ingredients:

Many companies think if they put in a bunch of ingredients you will think it must be better. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is only so much space in a capsule. Wasting capsule space with a long list of quasi-validated ingredients hoping it makes the product look more impressive to get more sales is a game most companies play.

Not us. Prostagenix has focused in on the key compounds, the ones validated in clinical studies that can significantly benefit your prostate. That's why you won't find Lycopene or any of the other overrated and basically worthless ingredients other companies tout.

We focus on the most important ingredients and get the highest potency available. The difference is dramatic and the results speak for themselves. It's no surprise that in an independent laboratory analysis of over 100 of the prostate products on the market, ProstaGenix did not just beat the competition, we destroyed them. In fact, it wasn't even close, as you will see below.

Larry King Was So Impressed He Did An Entire TV Show About ProstaGenix! 3 Bottles of ProstaGenix
Fred Buckley, CEO of ProstaGenix sits down on set with Larry King to discuss the prostate sensation ProstaGenix

Larry King had tried a number of different prostate products over the years and nothing really worked for him. Then he tried ProstaGenix and it literally changed his life, and changed it fast!

He can now sit through a baseball game without getting up to go to the men's room. He doesn't have to look for a bathroom all the time. His urgency is greatly reduced. He doesn't get up four and five times a night as he was.

And his romantic life... Larry now likes to say, "The King is Back!".

Everything changed for Larry once he started taking ProstaGenix, just like it has helped change the lives of thousands of men all over the world.

Larry was so amazed at the difference, he decided to do an entire TV show to inform other men of how fantastic ProstaGenix really is!
Why are so many Super Beta Prostate, Prosvent, Urinozinc, and Physicians Choice users switching to ProstaGenix? Why are so many Super Beta Prostate, Prosvent, Urinozinc, and Physicians Choice users switching to ProstaGenix?

This chart shows how ProstaGenix compares to the leading prostate supplements sold on TV and in stores in America. As you will see there is really is no comparison. Example: ProstaGenix has over 10 Times the amount of Beta-Sitosterol than Prosvent, no wonder so many men are thanking us. Just read our testimonials!

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