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Does ProstaGenix Work?

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The biggest question is Does ProstaGenix work and is it the best supplement of the huge prostate market. Demonstrated in multiple clinical studies, ProstaGenix delivers the results you want to see. Due to its unique formula, ProstaGenix is truly one of a kind. Taken in pill form, our prostate supplement is proven to help reduce nighttime urination, reduce urgency, improve bladder emptying, and has even improved intimacy!

Does ProstaGenix Work? Awarded

Prostagenix Rated #1 Supplement 2017

To further prove the effectiveness of our product, ProstaGenix was awarded Product of the Year in 2017. Our unique formula proved to work better than 157 products from 16 countries. Because a man’s prostate naturally grows over time, the prostate can cause discomfort when it enlarges and pushes on the bladder. What makes ProstaGenix different from our prostate pill competitors is the unique ingredients. Our formula contains the distinctive ingredient BetaRexin, which is a proprietary blend of Beta-Sitosterol, scientifically proven to aid prostate discomfort. It is the first and only oral dietary supplement with over 1,000 mg of mixed sterols including over 800 mg of BetaRexin sterols.

In addition, ProstaGenix is filled with all-natural ingredients, such as Polyphenol, a 500 mg blend of Grape Seed Extract, Pomegranate Extract, and Quercetin – all proven to improve prostate health.

Many studies have found that ProstaGenix ingredients dramatically improve prostate health. For example, Ellagitannins, a phytonutrient and active compound in Pomegranate Extract, was found to promote healthy prostate cell growth and provide protection against common prostate issues, according to studies at UCLA Medical Center and The University of Mississippi. Furthermore, Harvard Medical School published a clinical study on how Pomegranate has significant benefits to prostate health in addition to cardiovascular health.

We can list off a hundred laboratory studies involving how effective our formula is, but you won’t know until you try it! Most men start to notice a significant difference in the first 30-45 days, but more results are seen the longer you take the supplement. If no results are seen within 90 days, there is an iron-clad money-back guarantee. [Download PDF of This Post]

Say goodbye to your prostate problems and order your first bottle today!

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